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Carolina Charcuterie offers exquisite artisanal cured meats and cheeses presented on beautifully crafted Charcuterie boards.

Traveling charcuterie board

Tasty Traveling Charcuterie Board

Introducing our Tasty Traveling Charcuterie Board – a portable culinary delight designed to transform any event into a gourmet experience. This lightweight 4ftx1ft board adds a touch of elegance and flavor wherever it's placed. Accommodating up to 40 people, it features an array of culinary treasures: 7 varieties of charcuterie meats, cheeses, fresh vegetables, succulent fruits, and delectable spreads.

Complementing the selection is a curated cracker platter accompanied by artisanal bread and artichoke dip. Convenience is key: opt for pick-up at our shop or have it delivered straight to your location. The ease continues when the event concludes – simply drop it off or schedule a hassle-free next-day pick-up. Elevate your gatherings with the Tasty Traveling Charcuterie Board – a symbol of taste, convenience, and unforgettable moments.


Traveling brunch board

Tasty Traveling Brunch Board

Presenting our Tasty Traveling Brunch Board – a carefully designed culinary creation that transforms any morning event into an unforgettable brunch experience. This board adds elegance and flavor to your occasion. Ideal for up to 40 guests, it features an array of morning delights: a selection of freshly baked pastries, flavorful frittatas, crispy bacon, mini waffles, mini pancakes, tantalizing avocado toast, and a medley of vibrant seasonal fruits.

Accompanying the spread are a variety of delectable spreads. Choose between hassle-free pick-up from our shop or the convenience of direct delivery to your venue. The process remains simple – easily return the board or schedule a next-morning pick-up. Elevate your brunch gathering with the Tasty Traveling Brunch Board – a blend of flavors, convenience, and cherished moments.


Charcuterie Boxes

Carolina charcuterie

Bitty Box

Indulge in our take on the "Grown-Up Lunchable." Perfect for one person, our Bitty Box presents a single charcuterie meat, 1-2 handpicked artisanal cheeses, an assortment of crackers, mixed nuts, luscious honey, seasonal fruits, and your choice of cornichons or olives. Please note that items may vary according to availability and the season. Each Bitty Box is neatly enclosed in a compact 7" x 3" box, redefining lunchtime elegance. For the perfect experience, the minimum order requirement is 2 Bitty Boxes.


Mini charcuterie box

Mini Charcuterie Box

Ideal for a romantic evening or thoughtful present, our offering is tailored to suit date nights or gifts. Ideal for up to 2 individuals, each Mini selection boasts 3 flavorsome charcuterie meats, a trio of carefully chosen artisanal cheeses, a blend of fresh and dried fruits, an assortment of crackers, mixed nuts, a delightful, sweet treat, and your choice of jam, honey, or spread, all elegantly garnished. Please be aware that the contents may vary in accordance with availability and the season. Encased in a compact 6" x 8" x 2" box, this arrangement guarantees a tasteful experience.


Classic Charcuterie Box

Classic Charcuterie Box

Tailored for intimate gatherings of friends and family, this selection is crafted to perfection. Ideal for up to 4 individuals, each package features 4 savory charcuterie meats, a variety of 4 artisanal cheeses, a blend of fresh and dried fruits, an assortment of crackers, olives or pickles, a medley of vegetables, mixed nuts, a delightful, sweet indulgence, and your choice of jam, honey, or spread, elegantly garnished. Please note that the content may vary based on availability and the season. Enclosed in a generous 10” x 10” x 2.5” box, this ensemble guarantees a memorable sharing experience.



Small charcuterie board

The Luxe Collection

Introducing The Luxe Collection, designed for seamless entertaining. Ideal for gatherings up to 6 individuals, this ensemble showcases 5 delightful charcuterie meats, an assortment of 5 handpicked artisanal cheeses, a blend of fresh and dried fruits, an array of crackers, olives or pickles, a medley of vegetables, mixed nuts, a delightful, sweet creation, and your choice of jam, honey, or spread, adorned with a tasteful garnish. Please be aware that item composition may fluctuate based on availability and the season. Placed in an exquisite 12" designer box with a removable lid, this presentation promises a memorable culinary experience.


large charcuterie board

The Grand Luxe Collection

Introducing The Grand Luxe Collection, the epitome of elegant entertainment. Tailored for gatherings up to 12 individuals, this opulent ensemble showcases 7 delectable charcuterie meats, a sumptuous selection of 7 carefully curated artisan cheeses, an assortment of fresh fruits, an array of crackers, olives or pickles, a variety of nuts, luscious chocolates, your choice of jam or honey, all crowned with a tasteful garnish. Please bear in mind that item composition may vary according to availability and the season. Gracing an expansive 14'' designer box with removable lid, this presentation promises a culinary affair to remember.


Dip and cracker charcuterie board

Dip & Cracker Board

Indulge in our Dip & Cracker Board, a perfect addition to your upcoming occasion. Designed to serve 10-12 people, this ensemble features an assortment of artisan crackers, crispy baguette slices, and breadsticks, accompanied by a delightful spread of pimento cheese, savory chicken salad, rich spinach artichoke dip, and a delectable cheese dip for your enjoyment.


Charcuterie brunch

Brunch 'n' Graze

Begin your day with a delightful spread that sets the perfect tone for your brunch or breakfast. Ideal for up to 10 people, this selection is an excellent choice for a morning meeting or a cherished family brunch. Enjoy an array of assorted pastries, fresh fruits, flavorful frittatas, and sizzling bacon. Please note that item variety may change depending on availability and the season. Presented in a 14" designer box, this arrangement promises a delightful start to your day.


Vegetable crudité

Vegetable Crudité

Designed for gatherings of up to 12 individuals, our Vegetable Crudite’ offers a medley of assorted chopped and sliced raw vegetables, complemented by a delectable selection of dipping sauces. Presented on a generous 14" designer box this arrangement promises to elevate your event with freshness and flavor.


Specialty Charcuterie

Charcuterie cups

Charcuterie Cups

Each Charcuterie Cup is designed for an individual indulgence, featuring gouda cheese cubes, loose grapes, a medley of charcuterie skewers, Manchego cheese, chocolates, bread sticks, and more. You also have the option to add your company or personalized logo or monogram for a nominal fee. For inquiries and customization, please contact us directly. Minimum order - 6 Charcuterie Cups.


Movie charcuterie board

Movie Snack Box

Elevate your next rainy afternoon or evening with friends as you indulge in binge-watching your favorite show, accompanied by our ultimate Movie Snack Box. Perfect for up to 12 people, this cinematic delight is beautifully presented in a 14-inch box. Your Movie Snack Box boasts an array of flavored popcorn, delightful pretzel bites, an assortment of candies, nuts, chocolates, and gummies, ensuring a delightful and lasting snacking experience that will carry you through to the final episode. Sit back, relax, and relish the perfect pairing of entertainment and treats. Enjoy!


Letter Number Charcuterie Boards

Letter/Number Charcuterie

For a truly remarkable celebration, whether it's an anniversary, graduation, birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, and more, indulge in our distinctive offering. Elevate your event with our 16-inch paper mache numbers and letters, which can be customized to spell out initials or messages tailored to the occasion. Please note that the availability of these numbers and letters varies, and requests must be made 48 hours in advance to ensure inventory. When placing your order, please include your preferred letters or numbers in the comment section.

Designed to accommodate up to 12 people, our creation features a delectable assortment of charcuterie meats, artisan cheeses, fresh vegetables, succulent fruits, and an array of spreads. We meticulously arrange these elements to match your chosen initials, numbers, or a combination of both, ensuring a memorable and flavorful celebration. This will include 2 letters or 2 number, if more letters or numbers are needed please contact us at 803-360-1319.


Terms & Conditions:
When placing orders online, they must be made at least 24 hours prior to the desired pickup date. All pickup orders must be collected within the specified time frame. For delivery orders, please ensure that they are requested within 48 hours of the intended delivery time.

Additionally, you're welcome to visit our shop during regular business hours to build your own charcuterie. This option is available for small, mini, or classic boxes. However, please note that all other orders must be preordered in advance.

Gift Certificates

Delight your loved ones with the gift of exquisite charcuterie experiences! We're pleased to offer gift certificates, a perfect way to share the joy of our delectable charcuterie offerings with friends and family. Treat them to a memorable journey of curated flavors, elegant presentations, and unforgettable charcuterie moments.

Available for $25, $50 or $100.

Carolina charcuterie gift card

Delivery or Schedule Pick Up

We are thrilled to provide delivery services within the Midlands area, offering a convenient and low-cost delivery option of just $10.00 to ensure your charcuterie delights arrive right at your doorstep. If preferred, you can also pick up your order at our shop located at 7971 N. Woodrow St. Irmo, SC 29063 during regular business hours. To ensure the best experience, we kindly request that all orders be placed at least 48 hours before your desired delivery date.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for choosing Carolina Charcuterie Company. We're thrilled to offer you our meticulously crafted charcuterie boxes, boards, and cones, designed to elevate your entertaining experience. Creating next-level gatherings has never been easier or more delicious. Feel free to reach out if you have any inquiries or need assistance.

We proudly serve the Columbia, SC area including Blythewood, Cayce, Chapin, Elgin, Forest Acres, Irmo, Lexington and West Columbia.

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